Geothermal Systems

With ever increasing fossil fuel prices and concern over supply, we offer the most efficient units possible. High efficiency gas furnaces and geothermal technology are becoming the preferred choice of energy smart homeowners for heating, cooling and domestic hot water in their homes.  These systems deliver Lower Energy Costs, Clean & Quiet Comfort, Lower Maintenance Costs, and a Healthier, Greener Environment.



Forget those noisy blasts of hot air and large temperature swings found with traditional forced air heating and cooling system. Geothermal technology significantly improves on the comfort normally associated with a forced air system at the same time as it delivers energy savings.


In the heating season the temperature in your home will be more consistent than with a traditional furnace and with more controlled air movement it delivers higher system efficiency. In addition because a geothermal system does not generate heat by combustion there is less noise and odor in the home and no risk of carbon monoxide buildup that can happen with traditional heating systems.


In the summer a geothermal system provides superior cooling performance and significantly improved humidity control over an outdoor A/C unit.  Also because you no longer need the outside A/C unit you loose the constant drone that accompanied that old rusty box, allowing you to relax and enjoy the benefits of outdoor living more.



If your home currently has a forced air furnace (using propane, oil or gas) upgrading is a simple process of replacing your old technology with a forced air Geothermal heat pump. Sometimes we advise you to replace or upgrade your ductwork, because of poor existing design or because of age and lack of sealing and insulation. Studies have shown that up to 15% of your current system output can be lost through the ductwork in an unfinished basement, so you might as well upgrade to maximize future comfort and performance.


Because a geothermal heat pump is both a heating and a cooling device. When you replace your old furnace with a geothermal heat pump you will automatically add air conditioning to your home, adding summer comfort and increasing the resale value of your home.


A geothermal system is a significant upgrade to any home. You want to do it once, so do it right and choose our quality and experience. Our regional partners have the experience in installing geothermal systems in western and central NY, we have the most experienced installers in the area and the best cared for partners (see our consolidated coverage area).



A new home is a big investment but the investment you make pays back with the enjoyment you gain from living there. A geothermal system can help by delivering superior comfort and lower operating and maintenance cost over many years.  Our systems are available with up to 10 year warranties and we warranty the ground loop for up to 55years.  Current Tax incentives make the geothermal option a wise choice and the investment is simply recovered through increased comfort, predictable operating costs and trouble free operation throughout their long life.

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