About Van Hee Mechanical

Our company was established by Bill Van Hee in 1959, as a family owned and operated company where the customer always came first. For over 50 years, and still today, his company has been sustained through word of mouth recommendations. Our company installed its first geothermal heating and cooling system in 1978, being one of the first installers in the area. Since then, Bill has helped to heat and cool many homes and businesses in the area with Geothermal technology.


Bill, now 76, was looking to retire and found a partner in Kevin Moravec. Both Bill and Kevin hold the same values of quality of work, and customer oriented principles . Although we are known for our expertise in Geothermal, we still have over 6000 customers, both commercial and residential, that we sell, service and install air to air heat pumps, gas furnaces & boilers (both propane and natural gas) and all kinds of air conditioning systems for.


We have a full sheet metal shop where we make custom fittings for our equipment. We also are one of the only companies in the area that have an insulated glass duct machine. This duct technology makes our jobs tight and whisper quiet. Today we are #1 in WaterFurnace Sales in New York State, and we are the most trusted name in geothermal sales, service and installation in the area.

Meet Our Team

Treven Kelly

• 15 Years HVAC Experience

• 6 Years Geothermal Experience

• Lead Service Technician


Nathan Barner

• 5 Years HVAC Experience

• 4 Years Geothermal Experience

• Heat Fusion Certified

• Installation Technician

James Newcomb

• 28 Years HVAC Experience

• 28 Years Geothermal Experience

• Heat Pump Technician Certified

• Geothermal Technician Certified

• IGSHPA Certified

• Water Furnace Certified

• Installation Technician

Jamie Smith

• 27 Years HVAC Experience

• 10 Years Geothermal Experience

• Efrigeraud Transition and Recovery Certified

• Riello Burner Certified

• LP Gas Certified

• Service Technician


Gary Barner

• 15 Years HVAC Experience

• 10 Years Geothermal Experience

• 35 Years Mechanical Experience

• 20 Years Electrical Experience

• Socket Fusion Certified

• Installation Technician


John Spahn

• 6 years HVAC experience

• 1 year Geothermal experience

• Ward Flex Certified

• Installation Technician


Dan Festa

• 20 years Geothermal Experience

• 15 years Geothermal Design Experience

• 30 years Mechanical Experience

• Specializes in Water to Water Geothermal Design

• Electrical Certified

• Refrigerant Certified

• IGSHPA Certified

• Heat Fusion Instructor

• Geothermal Wifi Program Manager

• Installation Technician


Travis Stafford

• 10 Years HVAC Experience

• Universal EPA Certified

• Tracpipe  Certified

• Gas Tight Certified

• Service Technician

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